Wachusetts Tree & Landscaping Service is fully equipped to offer a full range of services for your convenience. We also offer Emergency Tree Services 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We are highly experienced and trained to offer our professional services for:


  • REMOVALS: We will remove trees and brush in your yard or wood lot, over house, pool, power lines, garage, etc. Specializing in difficult takedowns.
  • PRUNING: We will prune or thin your trees whether it is for health, aesthetics, shape of the tree, or just to increase light in yard and/or house.
  • STUMPGRINDING: We can take out your stumps through grinding, instead of removal, to minimize yard damage and disposal fees.
  • CABLING & BRACING: We will brace and/or cable your trees to keep them structurally sound and supportive during high winds, heavy ice, snow, or saturated soil.
  • ANALYSIS: We will analyze your trees and shrubs for insects, disease, fertility, and structural integrity. We will give you recommendations on our services, whether it’s a quick response or a maintenance program.
  • INSECT & DISEASE CONTROL: After analysis, we will control insects and disease problems through means of spraying, injection, and/or integrated pest control.
  • TREE FERTILIZATION: We offer fertilization through soil injection, microinjection or granular spread, depending on the situation and location.
  • TREE INSTALLATION: We will install any variety of trees, of any given size, suitable for your growing zone and soil conditions.


  • LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION: We handle all phases of landscape construction including drainage systems, retaining walls, stone walls, walkways, patio installation, shrub, tree, and flower installation. We also provide lawn installation and renovation (sod or seed). We can install one tree or beautify your whole yard with an entirely new design plan.
  • LANDSCAPE & LAWN MAINTENANCE: We will take care of your lawn and shrubs with fertilization and nutrition programs, along with insect, disease, and weed control methods. We evaluate your shrubs and lawn and present a plan that best fits your needs and budget.
  • INSECT DISEASE EVALUATION AND CONTROL: Whether it’s a stubborn bee's nest, leaf spots on your shrubbery, or caterpillars crawling on your trees and lawn, we will visit your site and evaluate the problem with our best recommendation for elimination and control.
  • CONSULTING & MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS: We will walk around with you at your site and come up with a short or
    long-term maintenance program to keep your trees, shrubs and lawn beautiful and healthy throughout the growing season.
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